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Family Agreement Form

Welcome to the Governor’s Education Emergency Relief (GEER) fund initiative! This agreement outlines acceptable use of the GEER iPad and accessories being loaned to you. Please read the following and type your name at the bottom of the page to show your agreement. You must accept this agreement prior to using the iPads owned by the Regional Education Service Center (RESC) Alliance or New England Assistive Technology (NEAT). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your program administrator.

  1. Use of Equipment
    The purpose of the equipment, software, and/or mobile applications (apps) is to allow your family continued involvement with your child’s early childhood, Home Visiting, or Birth to Three program. You agree to use the equipment only for this purpose and no other purpose. If the device is used for any other purpose, or by any other party, you agree to take full responsibility for that usage. Use of the device, or access to the internet, should not be used for illegal, harassing, inappropriate, or indecent purposes.
  2. Equipment Ownership
    The equipment assigned to you is owned by RESC Alliance or NEAT. You shall not attempt to sell, give away, or otherwise attempt to transfer ownership of the device or related accessories (including chargers, cables and/or software) in any way. You agree to return the equipment to your program (RESC Alliance or NEAT) when it is no longer being used as part of your involvement with your child’s early childhood, Home Visiting, or Birth to Three program.
  3. Care of Equipment
    You agree to adhere to the safe handling guidelines provided.
  4. Connectivity (Opt-In or Opt-Out)
    All iPads come with cellular connectivity. If you have access to the internet in your home, cellular connectivity is not needed and will be turned off. If cellular connectivity is needed, monthly cellular charges will be at no cost to you. Please indicate below whether or not you are in need of connectivity.

I have fully read and understand this agreement. I accept the terms, and conditions of all that has been stated in this agreement.